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SETL Lab Alumni

We're so proud of our recent graduates that we weren't willing to take them off the webpage. Check back periodically to see where our fabulous student researchers have ended up.  

Are you a former SETL Lab member? Don't forget to stay in touch so we can brag about all of your accomplishments here on the website!

Luz Torres - '14 
Taylor Duke- '14
Shruti Kumar - '15

Luz Torres
joined the SETL lab in 2013. She majored in Psychology and minored in Nutrition. She is pursuing a career related to mental health and physical well-being. Some of her hobbies include competing in triathlons reading, blogging, and cooking. Look for Luz flying by in the 2014 Chicago Marathon! Go Luz!

Taylor Duke '14. Taylor was a pre-medical undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Chemistry and Spanish. Starting in the Fall of 2015, Taylor will be attending medical school at UIC dreams of becoming a Pediatrician. She has spent time working as a preschool assistant teacher and loves working with children! Previously, Taylor conducted research on foster care adolescents and is looking forward to gaining experience with a younger population in the SETL lab. In her free time, Taylor loves watching movies and crime shows, and she is a major fan of all things Harry Potter (she even has a puppy named Luna Lovegood!)

Shruti Kumar '13. Shruti joined the SETL lab in 2013 and graduated from UIC as a pre medical student majoring in neuroscience.She plans on applying to medical school in a few years to become a pediatrician.