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Study Recruitment

Help Us Learn More About Children’s Social-Emotional Behaviors

You child may be eligible to participate in our research study. We want to learn more about:
  • How children understand and manage their emotions and behavior. 
  • How they get along with other children. 
  • How they get ready for kindergarten.

This is what will happen in the study:

We will record videos of your child playing during his or her normal classroom free-play time. The videos will be used for training and educational purposes such as to help researchers and teachers become better observers of social-emotional learning.  Researcher will not interact or interfere with you child during the time they are being filmed.

Ready to enroll? 
Fill out the consent form here.

Have Questions? 
A researcher will be coming to your child’s school in January during drop-off and pick-up times to answer questions about the project. 
You can also reach Dr. Zinsser at 312-996-5494 or via email (